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"Wisam Hydraulics: A company that hydraulics built".

Wisam Hydraulics is one of the country’s top hydraulic center which specializes in the field of hydraulic systems for heavy equipment and industrial machineries. Under the brand, the company forged a name for itself as a leader in diversified solutions for all hydraulic problems be it industrial or mobile field.

It was 2007 when the company started its first operations at its current workshop located at Exit-18 Al FozanInd, Sulai, Near Masjid Abdullah Mansoor, Riyadh, KSA. The company started as a simple center for maintenance for industrial and mobile applications handling all sorts of solutions for diverse hydraulic system issues. The company was created out of the vast experience and expertise of its owner EngrAbdelhadi Mohammed Ali and forged a partnership with Fawaz Al Junoobi (construction company).

WisamAlshamal Hydraulics Center is a collaboration of great minds working as a single unit to meet the customer’s expectation and provide sound resolution to their predicaments. It seeks to find efficient and effective answers to hydraulics problems posted on the industrial and mobile field. The company builds its thrust on teamwork and dedication supported by world-class supplies from our trusted colleagues in the business around the globe.

It is because of this feat that the company, despite its young age, has now established a name for itself in the industry of hydraulics in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. WisamAlshamal Hydraulics Center is a name trusted by different companies in the country for its world-class solutions, services and products. Construction companies such as ShibhAljazera, Al Soelem, Al Fahd, Alouni and Bin Laden Group of Companies have entrusted their business to Wisam Hydraulics Center to ensure smooth, effective and efficient means to improve their machineries thus increasing their productivity and decreasing down time. Ready mix companies such as Al Mohelib and Arabian Gulf only trust WisamAlshamal Hydraulics Center when it comes to the best hydraulics problem solution.

It is evident that Wisam Hydraulics has grown and has been one of the finest choices of clients when it comes to the hydraulic business. It will continue to grow and will provide sound and quality solutions for our customers especially now that it has showroom of its own located at Ali Bin AbiTalebRoad, Al Owaidah Ind. (below AlOwaidahMosque) Riyadh, KSA. This will cater our client’s needs of genuine and world-class quality spare parts for industrial and mobile hydraulic applications. This is a fact that the company will stop at nothing to find all means to satisfy our client’s needs and stay ahead of the competition. A testament to the company’s vision of providing hydraulic innovation at its finest. Enjoy your stay at our website and please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions.