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MPFILTRI: Contamination control you can count on!

Over 70% of all hydraulic failures and up to 45% of all bearing failures are due to contaminants in the hydraulic fluid. When contamination is the problem, you can count on Wisam Alshamal Hydraulic Center to find the root cause of the problem.

Wisam Hydraulics now introduces PML2 in-line condition monitoring product and the BS250 bottle sampling unit to take care of your hydraulic fluid conditions.

The PML2 contamination analyzer is designed to measure and quantify the numbers of solid contaminants in hydraulic, lubrication and transmission applications. The PML2 is designed to be an accurate, instrument suitable for permanently installed application utilizing mineral oil as the operating fluid. The instrument uses the light extinction principle whereby 2 lasers light systems shine through the fluid and land on photodiodes. When a particle passes through the beam it reduces the amount of light received by the diode, and from this change in condition, the size of the particle can be deduced.

The bottle sample is an aid to accurate contamination monitoring suitable for laboratory applications utilizing mineral oils as the operating fluid.

Visit our showroom at Ali Bin Abi Taleb Road, below Owaidah Masjid, Old Industrial City Riyadh KSA and bring a sample of your fluid so that we can check the particles of contaminants present in your hydraulic system.

Always remember to make haste, now is the time to save millions of money and start gaining more profit for your business! The time is Now!

Hope to see you soon!

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